Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Rokkir Saga Book 2 Title Reveal + Progress Bar!

Hello there peeps, fans, curious bystanders, and welcome to the title reveal for Rokkir Saga book two! The last year and a half since Overshadowed's release has been a wild ride of the Mr. Bones variety. I moved three hundred miles away from where I'd lived for eight years, got into an MFA program that starts next week (eep!), and of course, I've been working hard on my second book. I'm extremely excited to share it with you all.

So without further ado, the Rokkir Saga book two title is...


The Rokkir lost the battle, but not the war. 

Two months after the events of Modnik, Tayel is still being hunted by the Rokkir. When a desperate situation forces her to choose between staying hidden or Shy's life, Tayel reveals herself, and the Rokkir come in force. After months of training, fighting them back should have been a breeze, but Tayel's escape goes wrong. The Rokkir chase her and her friends to the raider-controlled planet, Sinos, where she soon finds herself caught in a three-pronged war between the Rokkir, the Raiders, and an insurgency that wants nothing more than their raider oppressor's heads.

In addition to this title reveal, I've added progress bars! You can check out my writing progress in the side bar whenever ya like!

But what's a bunch of bars without an explanation of my process?

Currently, I'm working on draft three, which will be the first draft I present to my writing partners for critique. For me, the first draft is about getting to know the story - what should happen, how it happens, who grows or regresses, and in what way. Draft two is me finally settling on those answers, and tying all the various plot threads and arcs together. Draft three is where I polish and make things readable, so that my writing partners don't throw my manuscript across the room.

After draft three is done, and my critique buddies have their hands on it, I'll take a break from the story for a few months before coming back. That allows feedback to accumulate, and also gives me the space I need to come back to the material with fresh eyes. 

Draft four will be born of many long writing hours based on the feedback draft three received, and then it will go up for yet another round of critique.

This is where things get weird.

After the feedback on draft four, I turn it into draft five, and then it's a bit of an unknown. If there were still major problems pointed out in the feedback of draft four, it'll probably go for another round of critique. And another, if the feedback comes back mostly negative again. 

While all creative things have some level of subjectivity, I put a lot of trust in my writing partners and beta readers. If issues keep popping up for them, I feel it's in the story's best interest to keep working them out. That said, at the end of the day, when I feel good about the draft and the feedback it's getting, I move on to finalizing the manuscript and pushing toward publication.

But that's a post for another day. ;)

Some of you are probably wondering: well, then, when the heck will the book come out? And that's a fair question. The reality is: when it's done. There is a date I'm aiming for, but because of the possibility of a sixth, seventh, maybe even eighth draft, I don't want to promise anything just yet. 

But someday soon, I will.

Until then, hope you'll all stick around for Overthrown updates, teasers, and crazy blog posts in between. Thanks for swinging by!

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