Monday, August 14, 2017

(Almost) Saying Goodbye to My Favorite Comic Series Ever

I needed the luck of the Old Gods and the New to get into San Diego Comic-Con this year, but I did, for one glorious day. I've been to the convention a couple times before, each time a four day stint, so packing a long weekend's worth of geeking out into a sparse 8 hours (I also had to catch a plane that night) was quite the task. Needless to say, there was a list of priorities. On that list of priorities was the one thing I do every time I go to a comic convention: bum-rush the Archie booth for a con exclusive of my favorite comic of all time - Sonic the Hedgehog.

It's a fairly typical routine for me. Get into Comic-Con, find the Archie table, get the con exclusive, pray I get to meet Ian Flynn (I did back in 2013!), and then walk expeditiously to a panel I'm about to be late for. 

This time however, no amount of searching the exhibition floor led me to the Archie booth. The convention app said it was supposed to be where some other booth actually was, so I took to twitter. The start of all good things, I know.

Rather than helpful directions to an updated booth location, I stumbled across an official announcement by Archie that they were dropping the Sonic the Hedgehog comic. Cue supreme devastation.

Listen, I know the world is going to shit and that there are literal Nazis patrolling the streets. There are many worse things in life than never reading another 'hog comic again, but I grew up on those things and have been a lifelong fan, and so reading this news stopped me dead in the middle of a twenty thousand person crowd to stare at my phone and maybe cry a little.

My husband had to introduce me to a booth stacked with nothing but dice to make me smile again.

Seriously, look at that. The D&D player in me justifies every new set of dice with "it'll be perfect when I play that character."
Now this is the part of the post where if it hadn't been for the source checking I did this morning, I'd be going into a somber eulogy about how I started with a Princess Sally mini series when I was six or seven, how Sonic Comics have hugely influenced my writing with its love of action, cliffhangers, and contentious characters, and how Antoine and Bunny really are the OTP.

But - and this is why you double and triple check your info, kids - this morning, as I sat down to pen this tribute to the Blue Blur, I came across the best news ever: one day after I left comic con, IDW announced that Sega had granted it the license to the Sonic the Hedgehog comics. 

You sly bastard.
They're not dead! I mean, the Archie ones are dead, but the Sonic Comic isn't dead! Sure, they might be different. Sure, that means there's potential for disappointment, especially after leaving behind the publisher that fought constantly for a fan-adored 24 year run. But this is far better news than reaching The End, and a new publisher gives me hope for a strong revival.

As a person who was once a very young writer inspired by this franchise (and who still totally is), I'm stoked to see it continue. Comics are renowned for their tight storylines, but the Sonic ones in particular always drew me in with their grandiose plots about the fate of the world. That Sonic even found time to sleep between the deluge of catastrophe is quite impressive. The series taught little me a whole lot about building story, and as a reader, the comics are just pure, action-packed, beautifully illustrated and thoughtfully written badassery.

Looking forward to the new series, IDW. Let's do it to it. 

Oh, and Sonic Mania tomorrow! Woo!

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