Monday, April 24, 2017

Author Interview: H.T. Lyon

Hi all, and welcome to this month's author interview! Today I'm interviewing aspiring author and science fiction aficionado, H.T. Lyon!

Tabitha: Hey, H.T., thanks for joining me! To start us off, what are your ambitions for your writing career?

H.T.: My ambitions are to get a core of readers that like what I write. I don't need to be a best seller (though it would be nice), I don't need to be traditionally published. All I want is for me to think I make other people happy and their lives a little richer. All in all, I think that's an achievable goal and probably a very reasonable one. 

T: Definitely an attainable, smart, and humble goal, for sure. What drew you to write science fiction in the first place? 

H.T.: I like the thought that, as a species, we have a future. It seems with biological organisms the rule is expand or contract. If we are to have a positive future, we need to expand beyond our planet and into our neighbourhood. I also like the way science fiction allows for me to change the setting enough to question our underlying assumptions about the world that we live in. Are we heading the right direction, where could we go? What is the natural end game for a particular technological advancement or how could it change our society. 

T: What role does diversity play in your writing process?

H.T.: Diversity has a big role when I write. If I am truly trying to make people think about the society they live and and question assumptions, then I need to create worlds where it's not all the white guys getting stuff done. I don't dwell heavily on a character's gender or nationality as I recognize that underneath, we are all human. I am really trying to create works that provide assertive role models for women and minorities. 

T: Do you read outside the science fiction genre? 

H.T.: I do but not too far. I read YA which often enough is close enough to science fiction as to be considered a mere variant. Things like Divergent and The Hunger Games which attempts to ask questions but more around growing up. I have read a few romances and for some reason was rather taken by a series by Barbara Freethy, a self published author who has entered the mainstream. I'll also read topical books and have managed to get the rough the first book of Fifty Shades of Grey. I hope this makes me a more balanced writer. 

T: Nice! Finally, what advice would you give to your younger self? 

H.T.: Write early and write often. Have fun. Write fan fiction. There's nothing special about writing and I could have done this years ago. That's the advice I'd give. Oh, yes, and stick with going to the gym.


Readers! You can check out more from H.T. Lyon on his blog!

About H.T. Lyon:

I am aspiring writer of science fiction. A futurist with a keen interest in where our society is heading, I tend focus most of my attention on stories that examine the direction our society is taking or that shows where we could end up. Optimistic my nature, I believe that one day we will look to settle the Solar System as we outgrow our planet and some of my stories examine how this could look. Currently, I have a number of novels underway and some short stories. My aim is to get one of these up and published before the end of the year around the other commitments that exist in my life.

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