Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Author Interview: Imogen Keeper

Hello and welcome to another Blog World Tour interview! This month, I'm excited to be interviewing Imogen - to me, Immy - Keeper!

Tabitha: Hi, Immy! Thanks for joining me for a few questions. To start, where do you get your inspiration?
Imogen: No clue. Seriously. I don't know. I think my head is just kind of soupy and everything I see, or watch, or read gets dumped into the pot and then later on, when I start writing... the soup comes out? That's a really weird metaphor, but I'm not really a writer by premeditation. Mostly, it's an organic process and the writing just sort of flows right out of my fingers... until I start editing and then the hard work begins.

T: Heh, I actually rather like the soup metaphor. Do you do your own editing?

I: Initially? Yes. I obsessively read each chapter. A hundred times. And my review circles pour over it and fine tune it. But the end product? No. I don't trust myself. It would be typo-city and I just don't see the mistakes. So I have a very trusted editor who I adore. And she gets the final say.

T: Where do you write?

I: Wherever I am. I wish I had a nice office with a comfy chair, but I've got two kids and there's never enough time. So I cobble together snippets of time as I have them and just make it work. Right now, mostly, I write in the family room on the sectional with my computer in my lap.  Someday, I'll get that office with a desk and a comfy chair.

T: Us writers are always hoping for the comfiest chair. Okay, so, tell us about your latest main character.

I: I've been working on a character named Klymeni. She's been surprising me, to be honest. I started with her, expecting her to be pretty fluffy and to get stronger with the story, but she sort of refused to be fluffy for long. She's got a lot of inner strength. She didn't have to use it before the story began, but now, she keeps rising to the occasion, surprising both me and the MMC.

T: Do you have any advice for new writers?

I: Oh my gosh, no. I couldn't even begin. If I could go back and give myself advice... it would be to start writing immediately. Not to wait, to stop drowning in doubt and insecurity. Just write. And get on social media earlier. 

T: Sounds like good advice to me! Thanks for the interview, Immy!


Readers! You can check out Immy's book, The Bonding, over on Amazon! Don't forget to follow her on Facebook and Twitter, too.

Immy's Bio

I’m Imogen Keeper. But please, call me Immy. I’m from the East Coast, born and raised and back here now with my husband and our son, who is a handful and a half.

I discovered writing when he was about six months old. It was something I’d always dabbled at in the past, but never really put on my serious hat. So, bored at home with a kid who truly took magnificent naps, I started studying up on the how-to’s and the how-not-to’s of writing. With about six active works in progress, I decided to knuckle down and focus on one.

It made me blush, and it made me sweat, and it made me cry a few times, but The Bonding came out. I had to get over the embarrassment of having people read sex that came out of my head, but get over it I did.

My first novel was just published, and I have to admit, I’m proud of it. Dirty sex and all.

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