Saturday, December 31, 2016

Author Interview: Christina Feindel

Hi there and welcome to this month's Blog World Tour interview! Today I'm interviewing Christina Feindel, author of The Revenant!


With its advanced weaponry, the ghost ship Revenant was supposed to turn the tide of the war… but went missing instead. Ten years later, the Federation’s hold on the three suns is firmly cemented and corrupt in every way, and any Separatist hopes or dreams seem to have gone the way of Old Earth and its dinosaurs.

Grayson Delamere was still a child when the war ended and she doesn’t much care why it was fought in the first place. In the cold, dark vac of space, most lives are short and brutal with or without the Federation’s interference. She’s worked hard and kept her head down, making her living as a mechanic on any ship that’d have her. If she’s broken a few laws and made a few enemies along the way, well, that’s just the way life is on the fringe of the Trisolar System.

But now, someone has discovered all of her dirty little secrets... and will hold them hostage to ensure Grayson’s help in the most dangerous job of her life: To recover the Revenant and rekindle the fires of rebellion.


Tabitha: Hi Christina! Thanks for joining me! To start things off, what motivated you to self-publish your book?

Christina: When self-publishing first became an option many, many years ago, the benefit of going the traditional route was professional help with editing, design, marketing, and distribution–but these days, it’s getting easier and more affordable to do all of those things yourself. A lot of publishers won’t even consider you if you don’t already have a large social media following; they expect you to do most of your own marketing, anyway. So self-publishing just made the most sense to me. I felt like I’d have more freedom and flexibility, and still wind up doing about the same amount of work. So far, I don’t have any regrets.

T: How long did it take you to write The Revenant?

C: I started toying around with the idea of writing The Revenant in early 2015 and got about fifty thousand words of a rough draft out, but didn’t really start taking the project seriously for another year. I spent all of 2016 writing, rewriting, editing, rewriting again–trying to fit all the pieces together and give them a good polish. So from start to finish, it was almost two years.

T: What part of your writing time do you devote to marketing your book?

C: I don’t really structure my time in that way. I’d probably be more successful if I did. I get on my website and social media and talk about The Revenant any time I have news to share. I’ll send out review copies and do interviews and host giveaways when the opportunities present themselves. But my main goal, each and every day, is to write. I want to finish the sequel, and then the next project, and then the next. That’s what excites me the most, so that’s what I do the most. I know I’m lucky to be able to do that.

T: Who are your favorite authors?

C: I don’t read as much as I did in school, because I’m writing more. You have to be careful not to let someone else’s story influence the way you write in the middle of a project. Some writer’s tones are infectious. But I love clever, suspenseful, and full of intrigue. I’ve been really looking forward to Scott Lynch’s next book, and I’ve always enjoyed Stephen King, Gillian Flynn, Stieg Larsson, Douglas Adams, and Hugh Howey. I recently got into Justin Cronin and Jeff VanderMeer, and I still reread the Harry Potter books every couple of years, too.

T: Do you prefer e-books or printed books?

C: I made the switch to e-books in college when I didn’t have the storage space for even a modest book collection. I miss having a well-stocked bookshelf, but e-books are just so much more convenient. I’ve always got the book with me, I never lose my place, and reading is now something I can do just before bed without the lights keeping anyone else up. I also really like being able to easily bookmark or search the book to go back to a favorite passage. I could never bring myself to dogear or make notes in a traditional book, it felt somehow sacrilegious!

 Readers! You can find out more about Christina and The Revenant here!

Christina Feindel resides in central Texas with her multi-talented husband, Noah. While traversing academia, civil service, and chronic illness in early adulthood, she founded the whole-foods blog and now works as a cook, photographer, and educator. She pens fiction in her spare time, with a particular passion for character development and genre-blending.

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