Monday, December 14, 2015

Releasing a Book!

I have been both dreading and loving that it's finally time to post this.

Dreading, because holy space ducks, guys, I've wanted to release a book forever, but what if it sucks? Seriously. What if it's the sort of terribad that makes my friends avoid me because the book might come up in conversation? This is a genuine fear - in my top three fears at least. Right after drowning and those skin-swimming scarabs from The Mummy.

Loving, because I've had such a wealth of seriously awesome people help me with this book the whole way. Releasing it almost feels like a fulfilled promise. Like, hey, I'm not a total hack, guys, see? I'm totally putting this out there! Your feedback really meant something! After years of feedback, tinkering, and encouragement, I'm super stoked to share this story with everyone.

So it's an emotional mixed bag. But also an awesome bag. 

And somewhere in this badly conceived bag analogy is the announcement that my debut YA science fiction novel, Overshadowed, will be released March 2016!

Overshadowed is like Star Wars meets Avatar: The Last Airbender, and if you like epic space operas, incidental diversity, sympathetic villains, and EXPLOSIONS, you might be interested in taking a peek at the blurb, first page, and first chapter link below!

Book Blurb:

Fourteen months ago, the Igador System's council government finally achieved peace with its personal brand of space pirate - the Sinosian Raiders. Coexistence was short-lived, and now Igador is devastated as the raiders use fourteen months' worth of peace tax collections to launch a full scale invasion.

Driven from her home planet by the catastrophic raid, seventeen-year-old Tayel flees to a council-run refugee camp. No one is permitted to leave, no one shares progress on the invasion, and worst of all, refugee shuttles stop flying in, removing her chance of reuniting with anyone from home. So when a battle-hardened woman shunned by the camp for her Sinosian attire warns Tayel of the Council's corruption, Tayel seriously considers the woman's offer of help to escape. The terms seem fair enough: help steal a ship drive from the secured government docks to power up an escape vessel, and get a free ticket out of a camp-turned-processing-line for something darker than Tayel can imagine.

First Page (ARC*):

Tayel hurried through the undercity smog, her gas mask rattling with every breath. She smacked the filter cartridge, but the centimeter-wide hole in the tubing still hissed as she inhaled. Stupid thing. Pollution burned the back of her throat. She coughed, and Jace – huffing and puffing – sped up to reach her side. He grabbed the loose fabric of her jacket and pulled her forward. Together, they rounded the corner where the neon sign over the grocer’s mart flickered, dispersing light through the haze. One more block to Otto’s. Pick up the pace.
Bustling city denizens fresh off the after-work tram slowed them on the main street. The cacophony of rasping gas masks drowned out Tayel’s leak and pounding pulse. She gagged at the sour taste along her tongue. Nothing mattered more than the hope of fresh air. Fresh air, and safety.
Two more shops down, and there it was. Neon tubing spelled out “OTTO’S” in crooked letters above the shop, washing Tayel’s arm in green light as she reached for the door. She pushed inside, holding it open only long enough for Jace to hurry in after her.
She steadied herself while the door she’d come from and the door ahead clicked. A sharp sucking sound gave way to a rush of wind as the airlock triggered. She tore off the mask, freeing her dull red hair to fall in sticky waves around her face. Against the opposite wall, Jace removed his own mask and smoothed his ruffled head feathers down with his talons. She eyed him for injuries. She’d seen Argels break their beaks from a misplaced elbow in a crowd, but he seemed fine. At least he’d fared better than her.

*What is an ARC?
ARC stands for Advanced Reader Copy. It means that the material I'm sharing isn't in its final stage and is subject to change before the release date.

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