Saturday, June 20, 2015

This Week in Geek # 1

The world of geekdom is ever busy, and the last week has been no exception. With E3, a record-breaking movie release, and a healthy dose of real-life sci-fi headed by NASA, anyone can find something to love. Here's what rocked my particular geeky socks over the last seven days:

Jurassic World

Jurassic World broke a new film industry record, raking in $524.4 million globally in its opening weekend. While I do think there are some things the movie could have done better, its appeal is undeniable. Few things are as satisfying as roving raptors and giant T-Rex monster mashes. With this financial success and the movie's many hints at dinosaurs beyond the walls of the park, I (excitedly) suspect we'll be seeing news of a sequel soon.

Kingdom Hearts III

Kingdom Hearts has long since become one of my favorite series, combining the lovable, romanticized worlds of Disney with the badassery of Square Enix's Final Fantasy. Square showed off a new gameplay trailer of KHIII at E3 (displayed above), and it looks awesome. So awesome, that aforementioned trailer features a literal hype train. Go watch!

Deus Ex: Mankind Divided

Second on my dreams-do-come-true E3 wishlist, Square Enix showed off a new trailer for Deus Ex: Mankind Divided at the expo. It featured new abilities for Jensen, detailed weapon customization, and insight into the themes and story of this highly anticipated sequel. Deus Ex: Human Revolution remains one of my all-time favorite games (and go-tos for examples of great worldbuilding), and I cannot wait to see what Divided brings to the table. At bare minimum, it's another entry into the wonderful world of cyberpunk.

Mass Effect: Andromeda

If Mass Effect were a movie, it and Star Wars would have to duke it out for my favorite space opera flick. Luckily for my horrid character flaw of indecision, Mass Effect is mainly a series of video games. Incredible, emotionally moving video games. I nearly flew out of my cubicle at work when I saw E3's announcement for the Andromeda trailer. With its promise of a whole new galaxy, exploration, an improved Mako, and a brand new cast of lovable Bioware characters, its likely shot to the top of more than one geek's to-buy lists.

NASA Announces Mission to Europa

Speaking of space (minus the opera, although Chris Hadfield did sing on the ISS once), NASA has rolled out the real-life sci-fi this week by announcing their mission to survey Europa, one of Jupiter's moons. Tidal shifts under the moon' surface suggest the likelihood of water, and water means potential for life or human colonization. As a proud member of the get the @$#% to space party, I'm excited to see what the mission says about Europa's habitability.

This concludes my shortlist of personal favorite geekiness this week, but rest assured, there is more to come. In fact, next week I'm starting a new series of blog posts featuring the galaxy's best space opera flick, Star Wars, in an effort to countdown to episode VII coming out at the end of the year. Each month until the movie's release, I'll be tearing in to what makes each of the Star Wars films tick, beginning of course with the one that started it all: A New Hope.

So tune in next time for some lightsaber and space battle geekiness!

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