Monday, May 25, 2015

Site Update! Things are Pink Now!

Anyone frequently clicking by the bottom-of-the-barrel bits of the internet may notice this site looks a little different than before. That's because I'm finally ready and super stoked to announce a site update!

Story Geek embodies everything I love.  

Story, for the awesome narratives that have inspired, moved, and energized me since, well, forever (special props to DragonHeart for allegedly being the first movie to make six-year-old me cry). This also includes being enamored with the gritty technical bits of storytelling and what makes a good story tick.  

Geek, for all the impossibly cool stuff the world of fiction has to offer, from the tech-filled tales of Star Wars to the magical world of Harry Potter. It's a love of every geeky form, like comic books, graphic novels, video games, and even early 20th century radio shows! 

Put 'em together and truth be told, I'm just a geek for stories!

As such, I move from the world of penning writer-self-help articles and switch instead to examining the nitty gritties of Earth's most awesome, geeky fiction. Hope you'll join me! Let's tackle Mad Max: Fury Road first, because come on. So good.

Forever a geek,

P.S. While I was working on the new site, something cool happened! Earlier this month, I got my first publication in Unbroken, a journal of prose poems. My fantasy poem "Fool's Gold" is in the current issue (May/June 2015) among some amazing poets - so check it out!

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